Linked List

A linked list is a data structure consisting of data and links. The data and the links are stored together in what is called as Node. The link inside a node points to another Node.

  • In a Singly linked list, the single link within a node points to the next node.
  • In a Doubly linked list, one link points to the previous Node and the other link points to the next Node.

The first node of a linked list is called as Head and the last node of a linked list is called Tail.


  • In a Singly and Doubly linked list the next link of the Tail node always points to Null.
  • In a Doubly linked list the previous link of the Head node always points to Null.

The linked list stores the nodes at different locations in memory using the links present within the nodes, thereby giving it the flexibility to grow and shrink dynamically.


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